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The well set up infrastructure of natural enviro is very well able to cope up with the growth rate includes regd. Office and workshop a task force of over 15 strong personnel.


The team of natural enviro under project division is well equipped with the latest technologies for civil, mechanical, electrical, instrumentation and process engineering. The project team consisting of talented chemical,mechanical, materials instrumentation, electoral engineers are accurately reinforced with the process wing governed by microbiologists,ecologists, chemists and process scientists.


Natural enviro has a well developed and effective vender network,  which caters to the requirements of its entire range of products. Micro level of inspection at each stage of production from raw mayterials, through all setips of manufacture and assembly to enscure quality production. All production are manufactured as per relevant india and international standards. Further the dispatch of all materials / equipment are closely monitored and controlled from the inspection stage up to receipt at destination.


Natural enviro has a team of experts of study pollution /effluent disposal problems and to recommend remedial plans and strategies for increasing efficiency and productivity. The scope of activities includes;


Providing basic engineering

  • Drawing up specifications for equioment required for renovation and balancing
  • Design and supply of equipments.
  • Prepratation of implementation plan basd on the delivery scheduke
  • Installation, start up and commissioning

In addition natural enviro also undertakens water managements services which includes feasibility/ treatability studies and recycling syatems studies.


>We will provide tailor made cost effective solotrions fir the water and wastewater management needs air pollution control devices and noise pollution control measures of customers by the application of world class technologies, continuous up-gradation of venders and maintaining high standards of project managements


Enviro natural follows standard code of practice as regard to QA third party inspections are also offered prior to dispatch .



  • Design & installation of effluent treatment plant (E.T.P.)
  • Design installation of sewage treatment plants (S.T.P)
  • Supply installation of air pollution control system for noise reduction and supply installation of fans/blower/filter/ACF/DMF.
  • Operation manintenance (AMC) OF t.p & s.t.p.
  • Civil contruction works of S.T.P.&E.T.P
  • Liasoning for NOC and consect matters with concerned pollution control bords.
  • Rain water harvesting
  • Supplying of all chemicals for S..T.P.&E.T.P.




  • Textile industries (dyeing,printing & garment washing).
  • Electroplating industries.
  • Hotels and restaurant
  • Automobile industries
  • Beer industry
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Sugar industries
  • Acid pickling
  • Powder coating (phosphating)
  • Dairy
  • Ceramic industry
  • Services station (car & motorcycle etc.)
  • Clubs and society .




  • Coal fired/oil/husk fired boiler.
  • Cupola furnace
  • Induction furnances
  • Aluminium melting furnances
  • Powder coating booth
  • Painting booth
  • Buffing mechine
  • Grinding machine
  • Fume extraction (electroplating)
  • Air handling system


  • D.G set for capacity from 30kva to 1100kva