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Welcome To NaturalEnviro

NaturalEnviro Our primary focus is to conserve ecology & environment, wildlife, natural resources and sustainable livelihoods for an improved environment. We work for a better future where scientific research, knowledge dissemination, community engagement and policy advocacy are put together to achieve sustainable development.

Conservation is a continuous process which must adjust to social, economic, environmental and scientific advancements. We believe that without community’s empowerment and participation no amount of effort can sustain any threatened or vulnerable ecosystem, livelihood or natural resources.

Ecology & Environment

NEWS believes that one ecosystem is one planet. Humans as well as every other organism are dependent on their environment.

Livelihoods & Natural Resource Management

Sustainable and adaptive livelihood is an approach and effort to go beyond conventional practices.

Health Awareness & Education

Communicating information to the mass or building awareness is the first step in making a world environmentally conscious.